pascal digital sound studio: about Mike Pascal (Audio Engineer)


Sure, gear, space is extremely important. What is equally important is your audio engineer. Preferably someone who can utilize all of there best talents and wisdom from previous jobs, careers, and life experiences. Here is a little about me, your audio engineer:

Way back in high school, I never thought playing in bands to even be a possibility for a career, just a hobby. So I prepared for a career in computer science. And got my A+ certification as a small accreditation that means I know how to build, fix, maintain and have an understanding of how computer hardware, software and networks work. I also started working retail at Software Etc., now GameStop. That job lasted as a part-time job for me for over a decade. It really was a great experience to gain people skills, work with all walks of life.

My music career started to take off 2003. Playing in an instrumental metal band with friends, Dark Overlords of the Universe. This is when I took playing the bass guitar seriously. With one semester till I graduated community college with an associates in art. I decided to drop out and tour with a small punk band at the time as a fill in bass player for COLISEUM. After the month long tour, I was asked to join. I then became a contributing member to COLISEUM for 10 years: Several albums, EP's and I was fortunate enough to have played over 1000 shows all over the world. I was a full time troubadour/recording artist living a life outside the norm: Complete dedication to the art. The tour van, more a home then my actual home. It was a beautiful experience. However time changes, people change and although both me and COLISEUM tried to fight it; artistic direction conflicts and business conflicts eventually let to me parting ways with COLISEUM and the lifestyle I used to hold on to. From going to playing in front of 12,000 people in European stadium tours with music I helped compose. To going back to community college was going to be a hard, humbling experience.

I went back to JCC to finish my associates degree in art. My side hustle as a home theater installer was no longer an option. Not enough clients and the market was oversaturated. The only jobs that degree was good for was a degrading pizza job that did not tolerate employees having fun. Or UPS: An entry level job shoveling boxes into 18 wheelers as fast as possible. Now in my early 30's at the bottom of a union chain as a new hire: It was obvious quickly, once again; had to learn a new skill that makes money. I went to JCTC, a tech college, graduated an ASE certified automotive technician. Worked in the automotive industry for 5 years. At the tail end of that job I met my wife to be.

As my relationship was growing with my wife, girlfriend at the time; I helped an old friend start his new business as a hardwood floor installer. I learned how to work with wood.

Fast forward to January 2021: Hyperthreading multicore processors are now affordable. I'm older, wiser, and have the knowhow, persistence, and decided the timing was right for me to take the plunge and start a business. The work into creating pascal digital sound studio was tougher then I thought: A lot of financial hurdles, the never ending tech research; sleepless nights; finding a balance between work and family. I designed this studio from the ground up and didn't outsource anything. Now, I'm proud to say pascal digital sound studio can produce a product and meet any recording artist(s) needs. Professional gear, space and audio engineer in a great location. For me, it was pascal digital or die trying and it's good to be alive! Let's Go!

Let's make some music together, as your audio engineer; I have no doubt that pascal digital sound studio can capture your sound.

-Mike Pascal