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2023 news/updates

01-29-23 Final push toward "official" opening!

From our family to yours: Happy 2023! A fully functioning recording studio is finally close to being realized! Whether it's tracking a whole band at once or anything in between: We are proud/relieved/excited to announce that we are very close to finishing construction on the studio. As the person doing the construction myself, I can say that a lot of custom fabrication, thought and engineering has gone into this studio to provide not only sound isolation but acoustic treatment for almost any audio recording application. A lot of MLV, OSB, Green Glue, drywall, rockwool, screws… in other words: A lot of time, money and effort to say the least. Definitely more than I could have imagined or anticipated.

A huge, sincere, Thank You to my previous clients, my wife, family, friends, neighbors and community for your continued support over the last few years. Without your support, pascal digital sound studio wouldn’t have gotten this far!

I am beyond excited as we look forward to our “official” opening, second quarter of 2023. Date TBA. “Still accepting clients for vocal recordings, voice-over, ADR during construction.”

-Mike Pascal

Owner, Audio Engineer

pascal digital sound studio

pascal digital sound studio is a true testament to how powerful music is. Music can be all consuming. Severing ties with anything close to a "normal" life. As a former recording artist, troubadour, bass guitar player: I know this all to well.

As life goes on, priorities change, and we change; hopefully for the wiser. Now happily married, even now; I have found that music is still a big part of my life. What I consume, think about, for fun. Being a computer nerd as a kid, I knew that computers were getting more and more sophisticated. Far surpassing the computing power of the Digital Audio Workstations in studios that I have recorded in. Back then ProTools was the untouchable industry standard. Back in the early 2000's most studio's used both analog magnetic tape and a Digital Audio Workstation. Big multichannel analog mixing boards, used along with personal computers. Back then, a professional audio recording, was only achievable with equipment and a space worth six figures. This is no longer the case.

Fast forward to January 2021: Hyperthreading multicore processors are now affordable. I'm older, wiser, and have the knowhow, persistence, and decided the timing was right for me to take the plunge and start a business. The work into creating pascal digital sound studio was tougher then I thought: A lot of financial hurdles, the never ending tech research; sleepless nights; finding a balance between work and family. I designed this studio from the ground up and didn't outsource anything. Now, I'm proud to say pascal digital sound studio can produce a product and meet any recording artist(s) needs. Professional gear, space and sound engineer in a great location. It was pascal digital or die trying and it's good to be alive! Let's Go!

-Mike Pascal

Owner, Audio Engineer