New services for producers/audio engineers:


pascal digital has always been open to recording artists. Now pascal digital is expanding our clientele to Producers/Audio Engineers. pascal digital now offers seamless integration of another producer's equipment. (Minimal requirements: laptop/desktop pc/NUC etc. and your Audio Interface.) Producers can now buy studio time at pascal digital. Take advantage of acoustically treated tracking rooms/control room for just you or you and your clients. A comfortable place for most audio production needs: record/mix/master.

Other new services:

Audio CD Authoring

CD Graphic Layout and Design 

M-DISC Archiving

Potential new client? Contact us to set up a $60 in person consultation/tour of the studio. (Fee is waved if you become a client.)

Discounts for multiple days booked. ADR, Voice-overs, Music of any style, any dB range, all walks of life welcome. If you can perform it, I can record it. Big discounts for multiple days booked in succession.

pascal digital works well with other audio engineers in the music, broadcast, and video industry. pascal digital can export any recorded material in any audio format, sample rate/bit depth, tracks or stems. All of which can be imported into any other audio workstation with ease. Offering a quick turnaround time per request of you or your audio engineer.

Complete audio mixing and mastering services (Music, Broadcast, and Video) complying with audio industry standards based on format. 

Automated Dialog Recording (ADR) Voice-over recording Audio mixing/mastering for cinema/video application Sound effect production etc...

Composition of complete music works.

For: Vocalists/Rappers, Content Creators, Streamers, Local Businesses or anyone who wants to use and/or own custom songs composed by me for you.

Discounts available for bigger projects. pascal digital sound studio is a local business that supports Louisville artists.

-Mike Pascal 

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